Грузоперевозки по Украине

Groupage Cargo

We will deliver a small-sized cargo quickly, reliably and cheaply.

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Oversized Cargo

We will carry out the transportation of bulk cargoes. Large fleet of special vehicles.

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Bulk and Loose cargo

We will deliver and transport any loose, liquid and bulk cargo.

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Food Transfer

Transportation of all food products. In the fleet from the tank to the refrigerator.

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Dangerous Goods

We render transportation of toxic and chemically active cargoes.

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Sea Transfer

Container transportation by sea. Advantageous delivery over long distances.

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Rona - is:

International cargo transportation

We deliver your goods or raw materials to any point on the map. With Rona your growth really has no boundaries.

Freight transport in Ukraine

We transport goods to any of 29 thousand settlements of Ukraine.

Cargo transportation by road tanker

We comply with all technological norms during transportation of liquid cargo. We will deliver and preserve the quality of transported fuel, chemistry and hazardous substances.

Container transportation by sea

We carry out intercontinental transport of goods by sea.

Storage of products

Provide 40 th. m2 storage space with adjustable microclimate for storage of raw materials and products.

Legal support

We organize transportation with the coordination of the subtleties of local and international law. We provide full legal support of goods. We arrange insurance.

  • Our company for the implementation of expedition services, freight and multimodal transport is always ready to transport even the most complex cargo.


  • RONA company will offer you the most favorable conditions on the market and the best methods of work.


  • Lawyers and accountants of our company will provide a package of documents in the shortest possible time, calculate the cost and issue the goods.


Rona is a conceptually new quality of logistics in Ukraine and abroad. Since 2014, we have been transporting goods all over the world, using the most rational models of the organization of transfer. We solve the most complicated logistics tasks, carry out overland, intercontinental, dimensional and other transportations at reasonable prices.

We analyze and optimize cargo flows so that you can transport your cargo without any extra material costs. We carefully consider the solution of each logistics task in order to offer the client the most favorable transfer conditions.

Proper management allows us to build optimal routes for our clients, and full legal support and international agreements make Rona logistics the most reliable in Ukraine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. It's not obligatory. The freight company RONA has a large car fleet and transportation experience. We will take the shipment from you and deliver it to anywhere in the world.

Do I need to bring the goods to your warehouse?

We, the RONA company, are an officially registered forwarding company. We are ready to work and carry cargoes both as individuals and as legal entities.

Do you work with individuals? Or only legal entity?

Yes. Our company has been involved in transportation of oversized, container, bulk cargo for many years. We have optimal and competitive conditions and prices.

Prices for transportation services are lower than others?

Yes. For all customers we provide customs clearance services. We have a customs broker at our company, who will always answer questions.

The cargo is already at the customs. Can you clear it?

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