Таможенно брокерские услуги

Customs - Brokerage services are one of the most demanded services of our company.

Ukraine is a country bordering 7 countries, and actively uses international cargo transportation and trade as an integral factor in the growth of economic potential.

Taking into account the instability of the legislative base, its constant changes in the sphere of international cargo transportation and turnover, it is advisable to order the services of a customs broker who will prepare all the necessary documentation for international cargo transportation.

Explaining more specifically, a customs broker is an intermediary specialist who takes on the responsibility of drafting documentation for customs clearance of the goods for the customer’s money, but carries out all operations on his own behalf.

Customs brokerage services through our company include:

  1. Accreditation of the enterprise at the border
  2. Turnkey delivery of goods
  3. Assistance in obtaining permits
  4. Electronic Cargo Declaration
  5. Cargo delivery

Ukraine is a trade-off between Europe and Asia, which is the link between them. A huge number of goods and goods, transported by various modes of transport and use of customs brokerage services in a permanent form in the form of a contract, for larger enterprises and industries, or simple advice or a one-time broker service for smaller businesses, is gaining momentum.

Using the customs-brokerage services of the company “RONA”, you do not lose the most important thing that there is in our life – time. In addition to this, our specialists will save your budget, solve any problem that has arisen at the customs, prepare cargo escorts, issue its insurance, which will exclude even the slightest losses and costs during the passage of customs.

The company «RONA» carries out international transportation of oversized cargo, container cargo, food transportation, bulk and bulk cargo transportation, as well as groupage cargoes since 2014.

Taking into account the experience and a huge number of transactions conducted by our specialists, we provide services for:

  1. Declaring of imported (imported) and exported (exported) goods
  2. We provide customs warehousing services
  3. Electronic declaration of cargo
  4. Accreditation and re-accreditation services
  5. Registration of customs certificate of sealing of transport
  6. Full carrying out of operations on moving of cargo (transit)
  7. Carrying out complex of measures for cargo certification (certification assistance).