Международная перевозка сборных грузов

We carry out transportation of groupage cargoes

There are cases when your customer needs to send the goods, but he is too small to rent a whole body of vehicles, but for transportation by mail he is too oversized. In this case, the logistics company Rona offers the use of a combined cargo service.

Under consolidated cargo transportation we understand, first of all, the possibility of delivering a small cargo transported in one direction. Groupage cargoes – a lot of things, arranged for general cargo transportation, customers of the carrier company.


услуги склада цена


There is a system of modular cargo transportation both inside the country and abroad. The delivery system is the same, both within and without, the only difference is the passage of the customs clearance procedure.

Arrival at the warehouse

The company carrying combined cargoes is addressed by the sender or the recipient, transfers the goods or documents allowing the employees to pick up the goods from the sender and then transport them to the nearest consolidation warehouse of the carrier company. The cargo is labeled and, if necessary, a packing system.

Collecting and arranging cargo

In the warehouse, the goods are sorted in the direction to which it is to be sent; type of cargo, namely, given its fragility, the risk of cargo, the physical condition of the cargo (liquid, solid, gas) and in size. According to the rules of transportation one type cargo is shipped in one container, following in one direction. The time that he will stay in the warehouse depends on the speed of filling the container.

Preparation of documents

The logistics company “RONA” will prepare all the documentation necessary for the implementation of the modular cargo transportation. Customs documents are issued in the warehouse when packing or loading cargo. After preparation of all documents and packing of cargo, the container is sealed and sent to the point of arrival by the most profitable transport (rail, auto, sea).

Customs clearance of goods

When crossing the cargo of the border of another state, it is necessary to carry out customs clearance of the goods, filling all documents and paying fees and charges.

Delivery to the warehouse at the destination, Delivery in hand

The destination of the transported consolidated cargo is the control depot specified on the route sheet. There is a discovery, and unloading the container where your cargo is. If necessary, unpack it. Then it is taken to the addresses indicated by the recipients. Possible delivery to the recipient’s hands, but most often it is sent to the nearest warehouse, from which the recipient personally takes his parcel.

Advantages of modular cargoes:

  • relatively low cost
  • high delivery speed after dispatch from the warehouse.

Disadvantages of groupage cargo transportation:

  • Frequently it is not suitable for goods with limited shelf life.
  • Dependence of the cost of delivery on the size of the goods. It is not expedient to order the combined delivery if your cargo will take 70-90% of the total volume of the container.
  • Some types of cargo, for example, explosive or poisonous, can wait for a long time to fill the container, as a consequence you can lose a lot of time before your cargo is sent from the warehouse.
  • About the registration of documents necessary for transportation, you need to take care in advance, otherwise the goods can not be taken to the dispatch warehouse.


The company “RONA” has extensive experience in the transportation and handling of composite cargoes, and will take care of your combined cargo, choosing the most optimal and profitable warehouse, route and mode of transport.

Our specialists will take care of documenting the cargo.

With “RONA” it is always safer, more profitable and faster!