Услуги логистики в Украине

Our Company is ready to provide Logistics Services to all enterprises and individuals.

Provision of full logistic transport services is, first of all, the solution of organizational issues of cargo transportation, namely:
  • Calculation of the optimal route
  • Registration of the necessary documentation for the carriage of goods
  • Cargo insurance
  • Cargo tracking
  • Discussion of possible force majeors when executing an order
логистические услуги
услуги логистики

Neglecting the logistics of the enterprise, many entrepreneurs experience serious financial losses and perhaps even their reputation. To be confident in every shipment and have more time to organize and implement new business projects.

Specialists of Rona offer you such logistic services on the territory of Ukraine:
  1. The choice of the most profitable type of transportation and the type of transport that carries out freight transportation
  2. Discussion with the customer of logistics issues related to warehousing, and other logistics operations.
  3. Development of technical and production unity of interaction between cargo-warehouse segments.
  4. Joint development of the optimal route.
  5. Calculation of all necessary tariffs.
  6. Solutions of the issue of cargo insurance.
  7. Consultant services for the logistics operator on all matters relating to any type of freight.
  8. Registration of documents and certification of goods in accordance with applicable law.
  9. Cargo handling services in ports.

«Rona». Reliable logistics is a successful business!