Международные логистические услуги

We provide logistics services in the freight market since 2014.

Carrying out the tasks of cargo transportation, we inevitably come across different types of logistics services. The main task of logistics is to reduce the cost of doing a particular job, by implementing and developing rational ways to manage the means (meaning both material and coming in the form of information).

In cargo transportation, we are faced with the concept of transport logistics – the rules of transportation, in which the optimal route is chosen, at which the cargo will be delivered safely, in maximum terms, without damages.

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Logistics services

The logistics company RONA provides such logistic services for international freight transportation:

  1. Selection of the type of cargo transportation.
  2. Selection of the type of transport that carries out transportation.
  3. Two-sided planning of logistics tasks for warehouse storage, as well as all kinds of production transport operations.
  4. Two-sided planning of road transport taking into account different types of transport.
  5. Development of technical and production unity of interaction between freight-warehouse segments.
  6. Joint development of the optimal route.
Logistic company «RONA»
Choosing us, you choose not only an international cargo carrier, you choose a reliable logistics that will save your money, calculate the fastest time of delivery and minimize the harm that can be caused to your product. Logistic company “Rona” is your successful business.