Негабаритные перевозки

Oversized cargo transportation in Ukraine

One of the priority directions of cargo transportation of the company “Rona” is oversized cargo transportation in Ukraine. Highly qualified personnel will help to make transportation of oversize as safely, quickly and without incidental expenses.

Specialists of Rona will prepare all necessary documentation for oversized transportation, having issued all permits in the traffic police service, we are coordinating with the customs authorities and other departments.

Also we provide escort of oversized cargo on the territory of Ukraine and other countries. When loading and fixing the oversize, the company “Rona” takes into account your wishes, supports communication along the entire route, to the safe delivery of your cargo to the destination.

Our staff has extensive experience and expertise in the transportation of oversized cargo. We understand the complexity and increased danger in the transportation and loading of this type of cargo. Therefore, at the request of the customer we carry out insurance of oversized cargo.

Carrying out oversized cargo transportation, the company “Rona” observes the main principles:
  1. Safety on the road – full external view, full technical service of the transport carrying oversized transportation, exclusion of the negative impact of cargo on the transport vehicle, if necessary, the presence of an escort vehicle.
  2. Optimum transportation route for oversized cargo.
  3. Insurance.
  4. Minimization of material costs.
  5. Communication with the customer.

The company “Rona” will deliver your oversized cargo to any of 24 regions of Ukraine, safely, profitably and on time.

Transportation of oversized cargo by Ron’s company is moving forward!