Негабаритные международные перевозки

Oversized transportations carried out by the expedition company RONA.

First of all, we need to introduce the concept of what is an oversized cargo – this cargo parameters significantly exceed the sizes established by the rules of transportation, regulated at the legislative level. Often an oversized cargo is transported by rail or by car.

Process of oversized transportation

Oversized transport is a complex and not an easy task. Before embarking on it, logistics specialists and the customer agree on the required package of documents: route coordination, cargo specification and its size, type of transport carrying cargo, cargo fastening, customs declaration processing, etc.

After all the approvals, the logistics company applies to the appropriate department of the State Automobile Inspectorate and receives a permit for transportation of oversized cargo. Such a permit may be issued for one-time transportation or for several identical transportations.

The permit for transportation of oversized cargo is urgent and upon expiration of the validity period it is necessary to issue and receive a new permit valid for a certain period

Another important feature of the oversized transportation is that cargo transportation by the column is prohibited, because this leads to the creation of emergency situations on the road.

The main rules for transportation of oversized cargo:

  1. Open external review
  2. Does not affect the technical properties of the car, transporting oversize while driving.
  3. Middle, high beam, parking lights, stops do not close and operate in normal mode during transportation.

Failure to comply with one of the listed items of the rules for transportation of oversized cargo, the legislation prohibits the transportation. Therefore, we recommend contacting logisticians who will carefully prepare and check the cargo before proceeding to carry out its safe transportation.

The price for the transportation of oversized cargo is mainly due to the level of complexity of the registration of accompanying documents, its fastening and the way of transportation.

The company “RONA”, using its many years of experience and experience working with leading representatives of the construction, agricultural and industrial sectors, offers you the use of motor transport of oversized cargo. During operation, we use a variety of techniques that allow you to transport from small loads to huge ones: tractors of various specificities and purposes, low-load semi-trailers, specialized cargo areas, powerful trawls, telescopic trailers.

Our priority specifics of transport in this direction:
  • Transportation of industrial equipment
  • Transportation of agricultural machinery
  • Transportation of construction equipment
Using a variety of equipment for the delivery of oversize, the logistics company RONA ensures the delivery of the goods on time, to the specified place, without any losses or additional costs.