Transportation of grain in Ukraine

Grain transportation

Transportation of grain in Ukraine-one of the most popular and at the same time complex modes of transportation, requiring an integrated approach and thorough knowledge of all the nuances. This is due to the fact that grain crops are bulk food cargoes, for the transportation of which it is necessary to comply with a number of conditions.

Order transportation of grain by road from the company ” RONA»

Successful transportation of grain depends on: the use of the necessary transport with specialized equipment (grain trucks and dump trucks), as well as the choice of the most effective route for early delivery. That is why the transportation of grain by road should be carried out by real professionals with the necessary experience and technical means.

“RONA” transport company-we will deliver your goods to any point.

The RONA company provides a full complex of services of a cargo transportation of grain across Ukraine. Transportation services of bulk food materials include:

  • Tipper transportation of grain is an affordable option with fast loading and unloading.
  • Grain-trains to transport large amounts of grain

To ensure high speed and efficiency of grain transportation in Ukraine, “RONA” (focuses on the reliability and safety of the delivered cargo).

Each car is under control of the operators tracking the vehicle with cargo at all stages of delivery.

Advantages of cooperation with the transport company “RONA:

  • High quality of services provided.
  • Adequate cost of transportation of grain
  • We deliver goods abroad, almost anywhere in the world.

It is worth noting that the specialists of the company “RONA” will always be able to advise you individually on the transport of goods.

Complementary services

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