Перевозка пищевых грузов в Украине


One of the most important types of cargo transportation we are engaged in is food transportation.

First of all, it is necessary to highlight the features of such transportations:
  1. Shelf life of goods.
  2. Conditions of observance of storage and temperature during cargo transportation.

By classifying food products from the transportation side, we distinguish:

  1. Not perishable food:

These are products that retain their nutritional properties and have an extended shelf life for a long time. These include cereals, canned goods, salt, sugar, coffee, etc. Transportation of such food loads does not require the presence of special temperature storage conditions in the machine, but there are exceptions when it is necessary to observe a certain humidity of air.

  1. Perishable food products:

These are products with a limited shelf life, which require special temperature conditions during transportation. When transporting them, special vehicles are used, which is equipped either with refrigerators or with an isotherm (keeping a certain temperature in the body).

         Perishable food products are classified:

  1. Vegetable products (cereals, nuts, fruits, vegetables)
  2. Animal products (meat, seafood, eggs, milk)
  3. Products processed (cheese, cottage cheese, sausages)

Also classify food products according to storage temperature:
  1. Frozen. Mode -7 to -22 C
  2. Chilled. M
  3. ode 0 to -6 CCooled 16 to 0 C

When transporting food products, it is necessary to use transport that has not been subjected to chemical treatment before, which is not used for transportation of chemicals, toxic substances, fuel products.


The passport of a proper sample is issued to the car, the personnel must undergo a medical examination and receive a sanitary book. Also held special. check that establishes the cleanliness of the body of the car, its suitability for the transport of certain food products. Car wash and body cleaning can only be carried out by specialized certified companies that provide a report after cleaning and disinfection of the bodywork.

Each type of product must be transported in specialized climatic conditions. Taking into account perishable goods, we understand that their transportation should be carried out in a closed body supporting a certain temperature (refrigerator, isothermal trailer or semi-trailer).

To transport a perishable cargo for a long distance, it can be frozen beforehand. Transportation of such products is carried out in refrigerators that preserve the necessary climatic conditions for the freezing of products.

The company “Rona” will deliver any food products (goods) anywhere in the world, saving your time and budget. Long experience of work of our employees in international and domestic food cargo transportation has allowed to create the most effective and profitable system of transportation of food cargoes.

We use a large fleet of vehicles for the transport of food products – isothermal trailers and semi-trailers, refrigerators, for the transportation of liquid and bulk food weights are used tanks with the function of climate regulation.

Food transportation with “Rona” is speed, safety, quality.