Moving bulk cargoes

We are engaged in the transportation of bulk and loose goods in Ukraine and the world.

The company “Rona” is engaged in the transportation of goods that have a liquid or semi-liquid state of the whole territory of Ukraine – 24 regions, about 30 thousand settlements. Cargo transportation of this nature has its own specifics and without careful planning is not carried out. Our logisticians will be pleased to help you transport any kind of loose or bulk cargo, by monitoring the logistics for this specification of cargo. As a result, you receive the delivery of the goods within the agreed terms, without material damage and without causing harm to the goods carried.

The specificity of the transportation of bulk cargo and bulk cargo is basically similar, the only difference is in the choice of transport transportation and its preparation for loading and shipment.

Types of bulk and bulk cargo

The list of types of bulk and bulk cargo transported by Rona:

  • Chemical bulk products (organic substances, oxidizing compounds, infectious and toxic substances, corrosive elements, chemical fertilizers).
  • Food products (water, vegetable oil, alcoholic products, confectionery products, juices, vegetable fats, etc.).
  • Construction cargo (gravel, crushed stone, sand, soil, cement).
  • Food bulk goods (cereals, sugar, flour, cereals, seeds).
  • Chemical bulk cargoes (chemical reagents, mineral fertilizers).

Types of transport that the company “Rona” uses for the carriage of bulk and loose cargo:

  • Flatbed trucks
  • Dumpers
  • Tank trucks
  • Flexitanks
  • Grain trucks
  • Tank-container

Before pouring or pouring the cargo into used packaging, tank, body, it must be prepared – compliance with cleanliness, and in some cases, disinfection; observance of the necessary humidity level; transportation in containers capable of regulating its internal temperature; airtightness of the body, container, cistern.

When transporting the goods, we take into account all the wishes of the customer, our logisticians calculate the optimal transportation strategy, prepare transport and transportation authorization documents, freeing you from burdening work. In the end, the cargo transportation of bulk or loose cargo in the territory of Ukraine will be carried out without losses and on time.