Перевозка стройматериалов

Transportation of building materials in Ukraine

Specificity of transportation of building material

The construction of any object is a difficult and interesting task. In its implementation, various types of building materials are used: gravel, boards, pipes, metal structures, soil, lime, cement, sand, farms, etc. Each kind of building material has its own specifics of transportation, and should be delivered as quickly as possible and without damage to the object.

Often, for transportation of building material, these types of transport:

  1. Dumpers
  2. Rolling stock, mainly for oversized transport, namely, metal structures, beams, trusses, etc.
  3. Cement carriers

Cargo transportation of cement is one of the most extensive works in the transportation of building materials. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the specifics of the transportation of such expensive construction material, which, if not correctly transported, can lose part of the cargo due to spraying. It is also necessary to take into account the detrimental effect of moisture on cement, any interaction with water should be excluded. When transporting cement dust, it can also adversely affect the health of the driver, so you need to ensure the integrity and insulation of the packaging. Implementation of cement loading is carried out with the help of vacuum in the center of the cement carrier or bunker. Unloading is performed using a pneumatic method and a screw.

Transportation of construction cargo in bulk is performed using a dumper. It is carried out by forklift, belt conveyors, excavator. This kind of cargo transportation is used during excavation operations, as well as stripping works.

It has an interesting specificity of transporting liquid concrete. First, the transportation of concrete is limited in terms of time, because concrete has the property to harden because of the breakdown into component parts. In winter, it can freeze, so care must be taken to maintain certain climatic conditions of the container. An obligatory condition is the sealing of the body, containers, in order not to lose part of the material during loading. A transport agent for transportation is a concrete carrier with a stirrer drum.

Brick and its derivatives, transported on pallets or in a container way.

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