Warehouse services in Ukraine

Warehouse services on the territory of Ukraine and the city of Kiev. For all enterprises and individuals.

The company “Rona” provides an opportunity for its customers to rent storage space, to store any type of cargo before it is reloaded or sent to the next destination by a compiled route.

услуги логистического склада

We provide warehousing services in Ukraine in 24 regions, regardless of the location of the cargo, we serve more than 30 thousand settlements.

We are pleased to provide you with a warehouse for:

  • Oversized cargo
  • Bulk and loose cargoes
  • Dangerous goods
  • Food goods
  • Building cargo
  • Groupage cargoes

Employees of the company “Rona”, when transferring cargo, are engaged in the control of its unloading and loading, repacking, and also control over observance of the climatic regime of storage. When taking the goods to the warehouse, we take into account all the positive wishes of the client, our logisticians will calculate the most economical and safe storage option with which you will not experience a loss, and the cargo in turn after its storage in the warehouse, with a 100% guarantee will reach the final point of the transport route of carried out cargo transportation.

Choosing warehouse services «Rona», you save your time, do not worry about safety and safety of cargo, and minimize material costs.