Warehouse services

The company ``RONA`` carrying out maintenance of the cargo flow, pays special attention to the provision of its customers with storage services.

The principle of our company’s work to provide warehouse services for your goods.

How it works?

Modeling the situation – your goods arrived at one of the transit points of the cargo transportation route, let it be a port in Europe. But the ship, which must be reloaded for further transportation, will arrive in 2 days.

Here it is necessary to resort to the services of a warehouse in order to minimize the costs of idle goods, and it is possible to save it before shipment by the sea or in the event that you do not have the opportunity to take the goods in time.

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When taking the goods to the warehouse, we use the best options for storage, warehousing and packaging, which allow our customers not to waste their time and attention to the additional nuances of the business and allow us to maximally deeply and clearly control our economy and logistics of our enterprise.

Using warehouse services abroad, RONA rents a warehouse at the request of the client, supervises the processes of loading and unloading the goods, repacking it and storage conditions. With us, your cargo will always be safe and secure, at any stage of cargo transportation.